Visionary strategist to energize your leadership team through a dynamic approach  onto a path to achieve real value growth.

Strategic Planning Session:

The primary offering is a comprehensive planning session with the company's leadership team covering Strategic Assessment, Strategy Development, Strategy Implementation anPerformancFeedback modules.  For start-ups and small companies, this normally takes  a full day.  The timing can be adjusted to fit other activities the client may wish to plan such as leadership development.  It is generally best to break the modules into two half day sessions with the first involving the Strategic Assessment and Strategy Development followed by a second half day session on Strategy Implementation and Performance Feedback.  For more mid-sized or complex companies, the time will need to be extended particularly if there are multiple business units.

Systematic Approach
Starts with strategic assessment that leads to strategy development followed by a defined game plan for implementation and follow-up performance feedback process to insure the game plan is properly executed.


 Key Questions
Approach delves into how to formulate answers to essential strategic questions.  For example,  in the Strategic Assessment module one of the questions asks what are your strengths and weaknesses? Most people start scribbling ideas on a board with little background thought or organization.  This approach strategically sorts out what are your core competencies that delineate your competitive advantage.  This is the type process throughout each module.

Integrated Process
The whole approach is integrated together so that you have a robust plan that is not just strategic ideas but action plans on how to insure the organization is progressing as projected.  Many times a strategic planning session is carried out without considering how the plan will be implemented.  A significant reason  that strategies fail falls into this uncoordinated execution. So this  module also addresses the questions of who will do it and how will they do it?

Leadership Engagement
Winning strategies depend on strong leadership. Your leadership team is engaged throughout to provide the necessary cohesion that drives the organization toward the agreed vision.  Often, the whole people process is left out of putting together an exhilirating vision,  insightful strategy, and compelling value proposition.

Leadership Development
Your leadership team gains a much greater  understanding of what it takes to create value growth.  This learning experience should enhance their decision making capacity and foster more collaborative thinking of how to approach the business.  Business is a team sport.. 
Separate individual leadership development sessions are available through my leadership mentoring offering substantially strengthens your leaders putting them on the pathway to achieving great results.